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World food specialists Funnybones Foodservice are stocking up on their Jackfruit supplies as the largest tree-borne fruit in the world hits the big time.

Demand for Jackfruit products has soared over the last twelve months, says the company, and Funnybones’ are preparing for even greater growth this year.

This hitherto niche fruit which has a meat-like texture which soaks up any flavours, has caught the imagination of chefs across the country. Trend-setting vegan restaurants have been extolling the virtues of the fruit for some time, however Jackfruit has now gone mainstream with leading pizza chains introducing Jackfruit pizza and major supermarkets introducing Jackfruit sandwiches and ready-made dishes.

“Until very recently few people in this country had heard of Jackfruit,” explains Marja Lawrence,Commercial Manager for Funnybones Foodservice. “It is sometimes known as the miracle fruit because it offers so many nutritious benefits The fruit contains many seeds that are rich in iron, calcium, protein, potassium and vitamin B.”

 Pulled jackfruit burger.

Jackfruit is very large and can grow up to 90lbs. The flesh is delicious once cooked and shredded, crumbled or minced before being made into any number of dishes. It has a satisfying, meaty texture that makes a great vegan substitute in savoury dishes in its young green state, while the fully ripe fruit has a sweet flavour that is delicious in puddings and desserts. 

Funnybones Foodservice sell the fruit ready to use in cans, in two varieties.  Jackfruit in Syrup is suitable for dishes such as cakes and jellies. And for savoury dishes like vegan pulled pork, vegan burgers and nachos, there is Young Green Jackfruit in brine, which can be used to make a whole host of tasty dishes.

With demand growing so quickly it is lucky that Jackfruit is easy to grow, and apart from tasting delicious, it is good for the planet too. The trees are resistant to high temperatures and drought and as they are naturally resistant to pests they don’t need any artificial pesticides. 

“We predict the market for Jackfruit is going to continue to expand at a fast rate,” says Marja. “and we are delighted that the rest of the world is discovering the attributes of one of our Jamaican staple ingredients.” 

Funnybones Foodservice Jackfruit comes in packs of 24 x 565g cans of Jackfruit in Syrup or Young Green Jackfruit Brine.


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